Cool Down with Little Dessert Shop!

LDS are here to help you combat the heatwave!

Cool down with our handcrafted gelato, sundaes, mocktails and milkshakes! 

Save with code #SUMMER15


by Daisy
Published: 15:44, 20 Jul 2021| Updated: 15:53, 12 May 2022


Maybe we wished for nice weather a bit too much, but at the very least, we have the right solution for getting YOU through the HEAT!  

Why not try one of our incredible handcrafted gelato flavours? 

Take it in a cone, sundae or just by itself and bask in the sun; you may even get a tan while you're at it!

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that this weather calls for Milkshakes! grab one of our ICONIC combo shakes like our Devils Touch or Moonwalker Milkshake! I have to admit, they're the only way I can get through a heatwave.  

Everyone here knows that as soon as the sun comes out, a red pina colada Mocktail is calling my name! 

You probably want to be out with your friends and enjoying the weather, because if anyone knows anything about England, these temperatures won’t last long! 

Order you and your friends your favorite sundaes, pack the picnic blanket, and you are set for the PERFECT SUNNY DAY!

Are you good at Heating and Eating? Why not brave a gooey cookie dough and Fluffy American Waffle…  

After all.... Some things are worth melting for! 

Don’t forget the sunscreen and whipped cream dessert lovers! 

You can use the code #SUMMER15 and get 15% off when you spend £20 on ANYTHING on our menu! Save on everything you need to stay cool during this HEATWAVE 

Who could say no to that?

Stay cool and let us know how you are staying cool with LDS by tagging us in your dessertgram photos! TAG @littledessertshop because we LOVE to reshare.


I'm a Social Media Content Creator for LDS, and my days are usually full of taking satisfying photos and videos of all of your favourite desserts! You may have even heard my funny American accent on a few of our TikToks! It's hard to pick just one favourite dessert, as I have the biggest sweet tooth...but I would have to go with our Oreo Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough.