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Discover the nation’s favourite dessert brand Little Dessert Shop® & embark on a journey of pure indulgence.

Little Dessert Shop® is an award-winning brand that has continued to innovate to become the leading trendsetter in the UK since 2015. Serving handcrafted artisanal waffles, crepes, coffee, cheesecakes, cookie dough & gelato combined with our unrivalled dining experience to offer an experience like no other…

Prepare to lose yourself, delve into a new taste sensation like never before & explore a new world of creations. Our irresistible dishes are lovingly hand crafted & made just for you.

Whether it’s a catch up with a friend, a birthday or a celebration, the Little Dessert Shop® is the perfect place to indulge in life’s sweet moments.


A Little Dessert Shop selfie frame with two customers holding it up for a picture

An Innovative Bakery

Always striving for perfection, our artisanal bakers only use the finest ingredients, to lovingly handcraft Italian gelato, American-inspired cheesecakes, brownies & cookie dough. Fuelled with passion, our artisans push boundaries by creating innovative seasonal products that redefine extraordinary taste experiences.

The bakery continuously experiments with new tastes, combining fresh ingredients & new recipes producing trendsetting delicacies. Your human senses will be mesmerised with the tantalising works of art by our master artisans.

Your Journey Awaits...

Red Velvet Cheesecake, Sweet Ella Milk Cake, Honeycomb Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream Cheesecake

Awards & Brand Recognition

Using our vision, creativity, innovative and entrepreneurial drive, we have propelled the Little Dessert Shop® from strength to strength. Our qualities have been recognised on a local and national level.

In 2022’s award season we celebrated the success of winning two prestigious awards, reaffirming the title of the UK’s best dessert brand.

This year, we took home the title of “Dessert outlet of the year” at the National Food Awards 2022. The award is to commemorate the nation's best and favourite dessert brand so of course Little Dessert Shop took the win over all other brands.

Little Dessert Shop also took home an award at the prestigious Express & Star Business Awards 2022 for Innovation and Growth. We were honoured to be recognised for our innovative drive in the dessert sector and to celebrate the unprecedented growth seen over the last year. We chose to franchise not furlough during the COVID-19 pandemic securing over 50 new locations in the UK alone.

In previous years, such as November 2015 the Little Dessert Shop® won ‘Dessert Outlet of the Year’ at the Food Awards. This was the first year this category had been included. Little Dessert Shop® was up against the likes of the prestigious Hotel Chocolat® and numerous other dessert restaurants that have been operating within the sector for much longer than Little Dessert Shop®. Proving that Little Dessert Shop® is the nation's favourite dessert experience!

In May 2016 the Little Dessert Shop® won ‘Young Business of the Year’ at the Express & Star’s Business Awards. This award was judged by a panel from a large local business, who were impressed by our passion for the brand and its continued success.

In September 2016, Little Dessert Shop® was nominated for 'Entrepreneur of the Year' at the English Asian Business Awards. The recognition from this award was on a national scale and Little Dessert Shop® was so proud to be included in the top ten companies in England. Fast forward, and Little Dessert Shop® have continued to expand their awards portfolio, including 'Best Newcomer' at Intu & Small Business Awards with the Express & Star in 2017. In 2018, Little Dessert Shop® won 'Business Start-Up of the Year' & were runners-up for 'Dessert Outlet of the Year' at the National Food Awards once again. The Little Dessert Shop® brand has continually evolved since 2014, becoming the UK's leading dessert dining experience. The expansion of our operations has been pivotal to the growth of the brand, with a new head office, in house central bakery & logistical distribution supply.

Little Dessert Shop® continues to place innovation & creativity at the core of the business model.

Vanilla gelato and crumbled flake pieces with a signature Little Dessert Shop chocolate on top
A strawberries and cream sponge cake with a Little Dessert Shop chocolate piece

A Talented Team of Individuals

Little Dessert Shop® management have built up extensive experience in business for over 20 years, across a variety of fields. The departments are split into accounting, operations, human resources & marketing. The team of talented professionals are dedicated to providing support for the stores, providing best practice, quality control & training to ensure our network achieve an optimum level of hygiene, customer service & sales.
Our team continues to expand to provide the sweetest experience in our stores.

Brownie cubes, custard and fresh raspberries with a Little Dessert Shop chocolate piece

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