LDS’ Vegan Menu includes Vegan Cookie Dough, Waffles, Dunking Box and More!

You'll be able to enjoy all of your favourite LDS favourites, Vegan style with our new Vegan Menu! 

The options are endless with over 45 plant-based desserts

The new Vegan menu will be yours to enjoy this summer!

by Daisy
Published: 12:34, 20 Jul 2021| Updated: 10:59, 21 Jul 2021

Your wish is our command Dessert Lovers, we have seen ALL of your comments, DM’s and messages asking just when are we going to launch our VEGAN menu! 

Well… We just had to make sure it was show stoppingly amazing for all of our amazing Vegan Dessert Lovers! 

The incredible new menu features 45 amazing plant-based desserts guaranteed to taste amazing! 

Tried and tested by our lovely vegan focus group! We got to eating to ensure that every product got the Little Dessert Shop seal of approval. 

Our fans are at the very core of everything we do! So we had to ensure that our desserts were inclusive and available for everyone! 

Our incredible product development team with the help of our artisan bakers worked tirelessly to develop the best vegan dessert menu ever! 

The Menu is full of DELICIOUS vegan friendly desserts! All of your favorite LDS desserts you all know and love have gotten a vegan makeover! 

All your favourite Waffles, American Pancakes, Cookie Dough, Dunking Box and Afternoon Tea are all reinvented for the amazing Vegan Menu.

Our Vegan Menu will be out into the world dessert lovers once everything is absolutely perfect! 

We’re finalising the presentation and sending the menus to print in the hopes of launching the menu this summer! 

We cannot wait for you all to take a bite into vegan dessert heaven!  

Keep an eye out on our Instagram or Facebook for the announcement! 

Make sure you follow @littledessertshop for all the latest news and information!


I'm a Social Media Content Creator for LDS, and my days are usually full of taking satisfying photos and videos of all of your favourite desserts! You may have even heard my funny American accent on a few of our TikToks! It's hard to pick just one favourite dessert, as I have the biggest sweet tooth...but I would have to go with our Oreo Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough.