Little Dessert Shop Confirms! People have been eating waffles wrong the whole time!

by Simran Mall
Published: 11:55, 23 Feb 2021| Updated: 12:04, 23 Feb 2021

When considering random late-night thoughts… This ones a real doozy! 

But hear me out! It’s not quite as black and white as you may think! 

What is the correct way to eat a waffle?! 

Of course, the answer depends on the waffle! Are we talking American? Belgian? Bubble? (Yes… That’s a thing!) 

Of course, Little Dessert Shop are famous for their iconic fluffy American Waffle! And if you haven't tried one, you are seriously missing out! 

The American waffles are recognisably split into four partially joined quarters as the iconic waffle should be! 

Much like a pizza they are easily eaten in slice form! 

But how do you tackle your creation?! Now let’s consider the contributing factors! 


All of LDS waffle creations are fully loaded with endless combinations of chocolates, fruit, and lashings of smooth chocolate! 

So are we really brave enough to dig in with our hands? ABSOLUTELY! 

Wash those hands and dig right in! Why stop there? Use two quarters to create a waffle sandwich! Personally speaking, the messier the better gets my vote! 

However, we must consider our company! Maybe digging face-first into a chocolate-covered waffle on a first date wouldn't be the best thing! (Although it’s an awesome way to show your fun adventurous side;) 

Although we are not completely opposed to using a knife and fork! It’s just a little… Unnecessary? 

Although if you use a knife and fork to eat a slice of pizza… We simply can’t be friends! 

Plastic cutlery is a definite no-no! But if you enjoy the washing up and (much) eating slower than necessary… Then I’m guessing this is the solution for you! 

And if you’ve opted for Gelato on top… I suppose hands aren't the best option! 

Want to know Little Dessert Shop’s Number 1 waffle eating sin? 

A spoon! Although their golden American waffles are definitely fluffy enough to eat with a spoon… We can’t think of a logical reason anyone would need too!!! 

Bottom line? 

  1. If you're on a date, you should probably use a knife & fork if you aim to give the impression you're fancy! 
  2. NEVER use a knife & fork to eat Pizza! 
  3. If the spoon is your utensil of choice… I don’t understand it but I can respect it! (NOT) 
  4. Wash your hands and DIG IN! 

Using your hands to devour your incredible taste sensation officially has the Little Dessert Shop seal of approval! 

Order Online now and discover your favourite way to eat a waffle!!

Simran Mall

Simran studied English & Creative writing at Staffordshire University and writes creative content for MSZ brands for Little Dessert Shop.