Enjoy Friday Nights ON US!

by Simran Mall
Published: 16:23, 27 Jan 2021| Updated: 16:25, 27 Jan 2021

What’s better than a Little Dessert Shop on a Friday night? A FREE Little Dessert Shop to start the weekend right!! 

Little Dessert Shop are giving away a £20 voucher to a lucky follower every single week!! 

Every Monday Little Dessert Shop will post a popular movie quote, GIF or a part of the soundtrack! It’s then up to the fans to give it their best guess in the comments section! 

One person with the correct answer will be randomly selected and sent a £20 voucher to use on Little Dessert Shop’s website! 

Here is an example;

“A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."

Could you guess the quote? If so! You too could be in the running to win £20 to spend at Little Dessert Shop and ensure your Friday night is sweet! 

Fans can enter as many times as they want by adding multiple comments tagging different friends! Tag the whole family to up your chances of winning! 

Plus! If you add the post to your story you are entered twice! 

Little Dessert Shop continues to get its fans through yet another lockdown! Movie nights are our only escape and eating in is the new going out! 

Plus… Popcorn is so last year!

The only question that would remain… What would you order? And would you share? ?

Head over to our Instagram/Facebook now to enter! 


(Terms & Conditions apply. Winner must be within the store delivery radius or must be able to collect in order to redeem voucher) 

Simran Mall