Santa Waffles

Dear Santa alls I want is Christmas Dessert

POSTED ON: 28th November 2018

The Christmas menu has finally been delivered – how exciting! Gather round for a festive hot drink, a new cheesecake recipe and if you’re feeling creative design your own Santa waffle.

We’re wishing for a White Christmas Cheesecake

A cheesecake loaded with Celebrations chocolate pieces, topped with Belgian white chocolate & fresh strawberries. Served with a scoop of Vanilla gelato.

Share the Magic with Festive Christmas Drinks

Top Three flavours you need to try this Christmas.

Sweet Carol – Will it be Hot Chocolate or Latte?


A Salted caramel hot chocolate, topped with cream, sprinkled with toffee crunch & salted caramel sauce.

A Salted caramel latte, topped with cream, sprinkled with toffee crunch & salted caramel sauce.

Feeling a little mischievous for a Cheeky Reindeer

White chocolate & strawberries, crowned with cream, dusted with red velvet crumbs, drizzles of strawberry sauce & a fresh strawberry.

Be happy & Merry with a Peanut Butter Nutcracker

Peanut butter hot chocolate, topped with cream, chocolate sauce & Christmas golden balls.

Ho Ho Ho – Design your Own Santa Waffle

Something new, tasty and creative just in time for Christmas. Let your imagination Run – With a handful of 100s & 1000s, smarties, a dollop of Belgian white chocolate, milk chocolaty curls & bright red velvet cake crumbs. Not forgetting fluffy cream & a scoop of heavenly Vanilla gelato.

Terms & conditions apply.Limited edition creations subject to availability. Management reserve the right to remove products at anytime. Image for visual purposes only & flavours may change.


By Savannah – Creative Team Member